20 dec. 2023

Harrie Smolders, Walter Lelie, and Niels Fabrie don’t organize many SLF Horse Auctions, but when they do, you know they have found a group of very special horses. That’s exactly the case for their Christmas Auction that runs December 19-22. Just in time to get your loved one, yourself, or your client a valuable stocking stuffer to enjoy many jumps with. Check out the collection on and make sure you are registered to place your bid.


Twenty-one ridden and 13 young show jumpers between 2 and 12 years old will be sold online at Every one of these horses shows abundant quality. Whether it is as a promising youngster, a hunter prospect, a competitive show horse, a future Olympic champion, or a trusted partner for an amateur rider or a child, every horse in the collection has something special.

A Tough Selection Process

The SLF team focuses on quality only. ‘No quality? No auction!’ is their rule of thumb. The selection process of the SLF horses is a tough one.

“We do a lot of homework before we decide on which horses to invite to our video day,” says top rider Harrie Smolders. “Then, on the video day, some horses don’t live up to our quality standards and drop out. As a last step, I want to see the horses that passed the video day and the vetting at my place. It’s a new environment for the horses, similar to going to a horse show, so we can see which horses are a little bit lost or too green for our clients.”

Not Too Shabby

“At the end of the day, we want our clients to be happy and come back,” said Smolders. “We want to stand behind what we sell, which means the auction horses go through the same process as when we would select horses for ourselves.”

The fact that Smolders himself found his top horse Monaco when he was just a youngster proves that the SLF selection process is ‘not too shabby.’ It’s worth investing in one or more of the auction horses.


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